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Why Faxbox / Faxpro for your fax mailing?

Why Faxbox / Faxpro for your fax mailing?


Fax box already exists for many years. Quite some of our employees have been with us since founding our company. Also a big number of clients have been with us for many years, or have come back after trying another supplier or using different methods of communication. We are convinced that our strong market position derives from the following elements:

“Clean numbers”:

In some countries a fax mailing can only be send to opt-in fax numbers. You would use your own client database and after that we delete the numbers from companies that have indicated to us in the past that they do not want to receive a fax message. This list (what we call a “blacklist”) has grown over the years on a daily basis.

Moment of sending:

The moment of sending is of a key importance for having an effective campaign. You want to send out your information on the moment that you expect the highest attention level will be given to the message. Most of the time you are the best person to determine that the message for your company / product needs to be send out on for instance Monday morning or Wednesday afternoon. Because of our capacity and almost 100% availability we can make sure that we send your mailing on the moment you choose.


After the campaign we will always send you a report. This report shows which number received your fax mailing and which numbers are no longer active. By using this report you are also able to update and improve your database.


An experienced employee assists you in transferring your wishes into a successful campaign. We for instance help you to make sure that your fax mailing has an technically optimal layout.


Faxbox is relatively low priced. Due to our high volumes, we receive low prices from the telecom providers. These prices we translate back in our price to our client. Besides this you will only pay for the faxes that have really been send. In case a connection cannot be made (due to for instance a busy tone), we will try the same number again 3 times. In case still no connection is made, we will not charge you for this fax number as the fax has not been send.

wouterWhy Faxbox / Faxpro for your fax mailing?