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MKB: Social media marketing or faxmailing?

(SMEs): Social media marketing or rather fax mailing?


SMEs: Small and medium-sized enerprises

Of course there is a lot of “buzz” regarding social media and internet in general. Due to all the pro social media stories it is easy to ignore the old proven communication methods like for instance faxmailing.

Many years ago Faxbox was created. Soon after starting the company we happened to bo the market leader for fax mailing in The Netherlands, Germany and France. Many customers of ours are small and medium-sized businesses. The SMEs want to be able to send out a communication to their customers in a fast and easy way without to high costs. A SMBs wants to make a decision today that they need new leads and wants to be able to act fast. This is possible by using a fax mailing.

A lot of time SMEs are saying that they need to work on a good Internet site and that there has to be a social media campaign. The question is whether a small company is really able to realize this and to conquer a good position on the internet. Is it possible to be shown between the “big boys”? The answer to this question: “No, many times this is quite difficult”, unless the company is gaining knowledge regarding SEO, SEA and Social Media. Besides this it is advisable to create a website that is kept up-to-date as much as possible, with maybe a blog that has frequent posts. In other words it requires specific knowledge and dedicated time. This is time which an entrepreneur might have wanted to put in the follow-up of potential customers.

The whole aspect of a website, the search-ability, online advertisement, social media and regular news items can be outsourced to external companies, but this might contain high costs.

This is where Faxbox steps in. We send fax mailing to a database. We make sure that you do not have any issues in finding the best layout and technical problems. We make sure that it is done for you without any trouble. We will also make sure to “delete” the database from numbers that have indicated not to be contacted by fax.

Besides the above we make sure that the message will be send on the moment our customer wants it to be send. This because our customer knows exactly what is the best moment for the message to pop-up on the desk (Monday morning at 9 o’clock or rather Tuesday afternoon at 14:00).

Without any stress for our customer the message will be send to a cleaned database on the moment you choose.

More reasons to use Faxbox you find here.

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