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Fax mailing layout

Some tricks for the Fax mailing layout


Faxbox aims to maximize the quality of the fax mailing. We are available to help you to make sure that the fax will be readable for all receivers, also by the users of a less modern fax machine. Here you find some guidelines for the layout of the fax mailing:

  • Use a clear font type. Our preference is Arial or Verdana, with a minimum size of van 10.
  • Avoid using too many different fonts.
  • If you use frames, make their thickness at least 1 pt (default in Word is 0.75 pt).
  • Avoid dark images; these will look black and / or smeared. Instead, use images with a light color or even better, line drawings.
  • Would you still like to use a lot of black, take into account that the document takes a long time before it is printed by your customer and it takes longer to send the message.
  • Do you want your customers to respond with their names and addresses? Make sure that there is a clear name and address data frame in your document with enough space.

Would you like to see some examples, or in case you have questions, please contact one of our employees.

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